New Google Analytics Features Make it Smarter, More Powerful

Google Analytics adds more powerful reporting capabilities, expands mobile measurement and adds intelligence engine to drive smarter data insights.

Google Analytics

Several new features for Google Analytics were announced last month designed to make the free web analytics platform more powerful and easy to use.  Below is a highlight of several new features.

Goal tracking improvements.  In addition to increasing the number of configurable goals to 20 per profile, new site engagement goal types have been introduced.  Engagement goals can be set based on the visit duration or the number of pages viewed during a visit.  For example, a goal can be set to occur if time on site surpasses 10 minutes or after 12 pages have been viewed in a visit.  These new goal types allow site owners to measure the proportion of visits that meet a time on site or pageview threshold and are especially valuable for content websites.  AdWords advertisers can use these Google Analytics goals for campaign optimization in cases where ecommerce conversion is not applicable or the target behavior.

Engagement Goals in Google Analytics

Mobile measurement.  As Google continues its expansion into mobile advertising, they’re also providing marketers with tools to measure usage of their mobile investments.  iPhone and Android mobile app developers can now use Google Analytics to measure user engagement within their apps.  New tools were also introduced for measuring traffic on mobile-formatted websites regardless of whether or not the mobile device runs JavaScript.  As consumers and marketers focus more on mobile, Google Analytics is providing a familiar framework for measurement.

Analytics Intelligence.  One of the most interesting new features is analytics intelligence, an algorithm based alert system designed to monitor data and automatically notify analysts to significant changes in data patterns, like a sudden decline in traffic from a referring site or an increase in bounce rate.  The goal is to shift effort from monitoring data to acting on data.  In addition to these automatic alerts, custom user-defined alerts can be set to notify analysts when a pre-defined change in metrics has occurred.

More details on these and other new features can be found on the Google Analytics blog. The new features are the latest in a series of enhancements to strengthen Google Analytics’ position as an enterprise-class web analytics platform.

Anthony Avolio is Director of Web Analytics at PM Digital.

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